Blowing bubbles. 🍬

My gender bend inuyasha is extremely adorable. I still wish it was shorts instead of a skirt but holy hell it’s cute.

I’ll make shorts eventually too because I legit am in love but omg it’s so cute

I’m nervous to post the photo of the almost finished outfit part tho bcuz it was my idea and if people don’t like it I’ll cry 😜









someone tell terry to turn down it’s easter

she deleted her twitter what kind of Illuminati cover up

"It looks like her account has now been deleted or deactivated, even if she left the tweet up for over two hours and responded to followers saying "yeah, I was like whaaat and he said yes or no?" and "I just said um no I’m not your girl, bye ha." One of her final tweets said, "Beginning to wish I hadn’t posted that…it doesn’t matter who you are or the what the industry is, just be a decent human being.’" -COMPLEX.COM
this is so sketch

Nothing new here. Just men being disgusting as usual and not wanting to answer for it 

It’s so gross how much influence he has in this industry tho. They straight covered that shit up. 

no fuck terry richardson for real. models have been talking about this FOR YEARS. there have been countless accusations against him, many with pretty solid evidence, and people just ignore it and once again evidence hes as disgusting as we know he is and then bam its covered up. I wonder if this girl will even work again.

Even if this is fake, he can’t be trusted

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Bats and Umbrellas, 1882
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